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Helen & Jaime Williams
December 20, 2017

After getting engaged in 2010, we spent many years trying to find a venue to get married in. As nothing we visited seemed just right for us. By accident we met a couple who had just got married at The Gwenfrewi Project and told us to go view it, as it was just amazing. Losing nothing, we contacted Alison the next day and arranged to meet up at the chapel. We weren’t disappointed.

Not only was it truly breathtaking, the calmness and spiritual warmth you feel as you enter through the chapel gates is a feeling I have never felt before. I instinctively knew there and then, without having even stepped into the chapel, we would be getting married here. Walking past the Ancient Yew trees, the Saints burial mound and on in through the chapel arched doorway, we were blown away with how glorious this beautiful chapel was.

At that initial meeting, Alison talked through our ideas with us. We wanted a dusky romantic candlelit wedding. We loved visiting the chapel leading up to the wedding, driving through the stunning scenery of North Wales, with Snowdonia in the distance it was mesmerising.

On the day itself, we had use of the chapel for the whole day. So, we could arrive early, and have a glass of champagne to settle any nerves beforehand and just relax and enjoy the build-up. When we actually arrived on our wedding day, we were blown away - the little chapel was like walking into a magical wonderland, as Alison had lit all the candles.

They were in all the window archways, and in lanterns around the church so along with the Christmas tree we had put up, it really made a heavenly backdrop for us to say our wedding vows to each other.

Alison also did us the great honour of taking our photographs in and around the stunning Gwenfrewi surroundings. Needless to say, they were outstanding and exceeded way beyond our expectations. We feel so fortunate to have ‘found’ The Gwenfrewi chapel, as we have such magical memories to take forward into our married life together.

If you are still ummm-ing and arrr-ing over a wedding venue, go take a peak at Gwenfrewi, as you might find you will have ‘found’ your perfect setting in which to get married, just like us

Shannon & David
August 12, 2017

My partner and I got married at the Project in August 2017. It was a perfect place to hold such a lovely celebration. It's such a simple yet stunning building and beautiful location, for us it needed no added decor. The Project for us made our ceremony special, it has such a pleasant atmosphere. Alison was an enormous help in planning our time at the Project (and a help for other wedding related details!). The freedom we had to use the space, spend time there, eat, drink and celebrate was excellent. It was exactly the type of place we were looking to get married in, relaxed, beautiful and memorable.

Thanks again
Shannon and David

Lucie and Simon
February 20, 2017

Thank you so much for all your help and support with our wedding. Your venue is absolutely amazing. As soon as I stepped inside I knew that it was right. It feels like it has a heart and soul which welcomes you as you enter. The way you have restored and decorated your place with lots of lovely little details, such as many candles and lanterns, makes it an even more special and unique a place. The ancient trees outside have a mystical feel about them and we loved having them in our pictures. Simon me and our girls had the most wonderful time that we will never forget, especial as your pictures have captured our day so beautifully, we will always be able to look back at them and remember the day as if we were there again. Thank you so much again for making our day special. We will never forget.

Thank you xx

James and Lyn
December 15, 2016

We were searching for somewhere special for our Christmas wedding, somewhere atmospheric, intimate and meaningful. An intensive search of North Wales and the borders returned plenty of smart hotels, but that was not what we wanted.

Then we discovered The Gwenfrewi Project. As we wandered around the door opened and Alison welcomed us in. We stood there spellbound by the peace, the atmosphere, the rustic beauty of this place. We thought we had found the place of our dreams, but we came to realise that it had found us.

Two weeks later, while researching my great great grandmother’s life, the word ‘Gwytherin’ jumped out at me. I discovered that she was baptised in the font that still stands in The Gwenfrewi Project and married in the medieval church that stood on the site in 1841. What had been a beautiful historic venue suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

Alison could not have been more helpful. Candlelight? Of course. Christmas tree? No problem. We chose late afternoon on 15 December 2016 so we could enjoy the festive lights as winter dusk fell.

Our wedding was everything we hoped for. There were just 30 of us as we said our vows. After the ceremony we walked hand in hand under the ancient yews, listening to the happy chatter of friends and family, and the whispers of those long gone, yet with us in spirit to share our special day. These are the moments that make a wedding truly special.

We are part of this place, part of its history, part of those who have gone before and we shall return from time to time. I hope that Alison too has become a part of our lives.

If you are seeking somewhere really special you will find it here at The Gwenfrewi Project, and Alison will do everything she can to help you have the day of your dreams.
Lyn xx

Janette and Andrew Butterworth
September 3rd 2016

Our wedding ceremony at Gwenfrewi was the most magical and beautiful day that we could ever imagine. This incredible venue made our special day absolutely perfect. Gwenfrewi is a uniquely stunning place, situated in surroundings of spectacular natural beauty. The first time when we went to see it was on a cold but bright sunny day last November, we were smitten! We booked our special day to take place on September 3rd this year and couldn’t wait to share this beautiful venue with our guests. The day came, and it was raining! Unbelievably, this stunning place looked just as incredible, all our guests fell in love with it too! The photographs that Alison took were simply amazing. We absolutely loved every single part of our day and would not have changed anything at all. If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding venue, which is guaranteed to give you the best day of your life, come rain or shine and if you would love a beautiful spiritual place to tie the knot with your loved one, then look no further.

Janette and Andrew Butterworth, Devizes, Wiltshire
Thanks again Alison for our wonderful day
Janette xxx

Charlie & Debbie's Wedding Day Review - August 15th 2016

If there is a Special Place anywhere in the world to get married then this is it!!!

This was the PERFECT VENUE for our Wedding on August 15th 2016 and everything the Owner Alison did leading up to and on the day was FIRST CLASS.

We found The Gwenfrewi on the internet and drove there to take a peep at it on a dull rainy day and even though the weather was dismal we knew as soon as we arrived that the place had a special feel. It had everything we had envisaged for our Wedding Venue and the Rainbow in the sky was telling us this was the place.

We then made contact with Alison so we could see inside and Wow! Wow! Wow! - we fell in love with the place and all it stood for. Gwenfrewi has a sense of History along with Natural beauty, both which are important features to us.

It was lovely the way Alison created atmosphere and lit all the candles whenever we visited and it was never any trouble for her to meet us there for us to measure up or take friends who were arranging the flowers. She even supplied the Champagne glasses for the 'Fizz' which went down very well on these occasions. We loved the way you allowed us to decorate YOUR church to make it feel OURS for the day and the idea of bringing our own things like the Lace cloth on the Registrars table to make it more personal, was something which we would not have thought about.

The Wedding day was perfect. The weather, location, surroundings and walking into the Church then down the aisle is something that I will never ever forget. The atmosphere created with the Sunlight streaming through the Glass Windows added to the Magic of our day.

Some of our friends who live in North Wales had never heard of the Gwenfrewi Project and when they experienced it with us on our day, were completely amazed and are going to recommend it to everyone they know who is planning a Wedding, as a perfect Venue.

Alison, we cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING and your Photography is exactly as you explained it would be and more. Its a complete Documentary of our day at Gwenfrewi and you have Photographed everything naturally and so professionally. We love the way you captured the gates with the bunting, the tree arch as you enter the Church, along with all the interior flowers and of course all our family and guests. A perfect record to treasure.

Love and best wishes
Charlie & Debbie xx

Review from Kate and Pete, July 26, 2016

"Hi Alison,
We just wanted to say a big huge massive THANK YOU for everything you did in the run up to and on the day of our wedding. We couldn't have wished for a better host, you've been so helpful and the venue is just stunning! Thank you so much for everything, we all had a wonderful time!
Thank you Alison!."

Review from Kerry-Sioux Martin, July 6, 2016

"Our day at Gwenfrewi.
Where to start...

Me and my husband wanted a low key ceremony that was about a moment, our moment of being forever intertwined.

We had previously booked a barn in Cornwall for our care free day. But sadly our excitement started to turn into concern, as the clip boards came out and all the trimmings suddenly where a key factor. The ceremony itself became a small time slot within the day which worried us.

We stumbled upon Gwenfrewi by pure chance and luck.

Gwenfrewi is beautiful and quaint, with its history running into the land as far down as the almighty yew tree roots grow. past souls linger in the air giving the place a strong sense of belonging. We felt welcomed by the building, as if it granted us time to be part of its present.

Alison was extremely helpful and more than accommodating with helping us create our vision. She allowed us freedom to make it our own. there was no pressure put upon us, purely just support, ideas and recommendations when we asked for guidance.

Thank you for making us part of Gwenfrewi's timeline."

Review from Bronya, June 25, 2016

"Dear Alison,
My husband and I are so pleased that we decided to hold our wedding ceremony at The Gwenfrewi Chapel. It was wonderful to be able to have our civil ceremony in such a special and ancient location. The chapel has been restored beautifully in a simple, honest style that worked perfectly with our aesthetic. The yew trees are stunning and it was lovely being able to have our drinks and photographs on the mound. The setting is entirely unspoilt and the Welsh rolling hills provided the perfect backdrop. Alison was very helpful leading up to the day and was able to recommend many useful local contacts, she also very kindly helped with our flowers. It was particularly nice to have such a relaxed atmosphere, we felt free to use the space exactly as we wanted and many of our guests remarked on how lucky we were not to have to leave at a particular time. They were amazed that we had managed to find such a perfect setting in this hidden little village.."

"Dear Alison,
I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for very much for all that you did for us at the chapel. Everything looked beautiful and we had a really lovely time there. Our guests asked how we had found such a perfect spot and remarked on it all feeling very relaxed and welcoming (in contrast to other venues that they had been to before). We were so lucky that the weather was lovely and it was really nice being able to use the mound as well as the chapel for photos and lunch."

Review from Beverly and Ian, March 13, 2016

Thank you so much for helping us achieve a wonderful memorable day.
Everyone loved the location - all helped by the lovely weather.
We will highly recommend to anyone else.."

Review from Emily and Dei, March 5, 2016

"Thank you so much Alison. We had such an amazing day. The guests were blown away by how beautiful the church is.

Thank you for letting us get married in such a beautiful venue and giving us so much support."

Review from Nicola & Dai, December 18, 2015

"Just a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU for Friday. It all went so well and the space looked so beautiful. Everyone was suitably impressed, and it was lovely to be able to stay and have a little drink & chat afterwards. It was just brilliant.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy & prosperous 2016.
Thank you so much again."

Review from Mark on May 9, 2015

"We recently held our wedding ceremony at Gwenfrewi project Gwytherin. This Venue was chosen due to the wonderful setting and the natural beauty of the chapel itself.

Our special day was as magical as we hoped it would be and the atmosphere in the chapel was one we will treasure. Walking down the aisle was like coming home. The place was filled with all the love and good wishes bestowed upon us and wrapped around us like a hug from the building itself, it was the perfect size for our party and everyone was enchanted. The scenery was an excellent backdrop for all the photographs, inside and outside. The Chapel was given a warming, cosy glow from all the candles and lanterns. You couldn’t find a better fairy-tale setting to make you feel like a princess for a day.

Alison was a pleasure to speak to and was always very helpful, whatever the query; she couldn’t have been more accommodating. Our day would not have been possible without her thoughtfulness and desire to truly give us our dream wedding".

Testimonial with kind permission of Kayley and Phil

"Not only a talented photographer, Alison was so helpful in the build up to our day and was a pleasure to be around. Alison captured the most beautiful natural photographs, which captured the essence of our intimate wedding day in a way we could not have imagined. Alison's photographs told the story of the day just perfectly and each time we look at our photos it’s like reliving our special day all-over. The Gwenfrewi Studio is a truly stunning venue and our photos around the ancient yew trees deserve a special mention they are beautiful and atmospheric.

It’s so important when choosing a venue and photographer for your wedding day, and we could not recommend Alison & The Gwenfrewi Studio highly enough... A true 10/10!!

Alison we cannot thank you enough, you exceeded our best imaginations".

Thank you, Kayley & Phillip.

Testimonial from Mark and Debbie

"Myself and my wife Debbie where looking for somewhere a bit special to get married. We didn't want your usual registry office wedding and did not want a big fancy church wedding, but we wanted it to be special and then when we came across this wonderful little venue. It was a beautiful old church , in amazing historic and atmospheric surroundings. The building was embraced by these amazing ancient yew trees, with standing stones on the other side of the church you could feel you arrived somewhere very special.

Inside the old chapel was equally breath taking. To add a further touch of magic everywhere was candle lit inside creating an intimate and memorable atmosphere for us and our close family and friends, making the ceremony exactly how we wanted it to feel and reflect how we wanted to show our feelings for each other.

Our host Alison could not have been more obliging, helpful and genuinely happy for us and did an amazing job on every aspect of our special day."

Testimonial from Mr & Mrs Roberts

"David and I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help and assistance with our wedding. We had a magical ceremony in your special Church. It was very romantic and unique with all the candles. Our friends and family commented on how lovely the location was. Being able to set up for our day ourselves made it all the more individually us.

We would recommend anyone thinking out of the box to give Alison a call. Her project is a great niche in a very mundane market.

She was always at the end of an email or text if needed, great service!!"

"Having been together 20 years we only wanted a small personal wedding just the two of us and our two best freinds as witnesses, but nevertheless wanted somewhere special and atmospheric, and oh did we get that in abundance at the Gwenfrewi Project!

We did a visit on our own and as soon as we walked through the gates and saw the old Yew Trees and the church in its surroundings knew that this was it. We met Alison the following week to see inside and as soon as we walked in we felt something special about this place.

On our wedding day the weather was beautiful , but feel that even it it hadn't been , it would still be the only place in the world that we would have wanted to get married.

We are still drawn to the Gwenfrewi Project and visit regular as couldnt bear to not go there again. I have taken family and friends to visit they love it too.

We are lucky it is that type of place still welcoming to anyone who just gets it!"

"Thanks so much for taking the time to drop the pictures off today. They were fantastic! I never imagined you would capture the story of the day so well. I actually had a few happy tears looking at them and the close up of me and my dad means so much as we were very close to loosing him a while ago. It also made me happy that you said it was a lovely day as most people have a large budget and we had a tiny one but you made it like a million xx"

"My wife and I were married in the Gwenfrewi Project last summer (2014) and are indebted to Alison for all the help she gave us. Her experience, knowledge and artistic input were invaluable in ensuring that our wedding arrangements exceeded both the expectations that we had and also those of our guests.

We were fortunate that Alison was the photographer for the day. Whilst I appreciate that wedding photographs are subject to individual requirements, both my wife and I felt that those taken by Alison were not staged and captured the joy, grace, emotion and atmosphere of the day – we would thoroughly recommend that you choose Alison as your photographer.

Best of luck, health and happiness!!"

"I can't recommend the gwenfrewi project highly enough. We had a Christmas wedding on a very small budget and it was amazing and magical. Alison was brilliant from start to finish and helped us plan the whole wedding. The church is a very moving place and I wouldn't have chosen anywhere else to have our special day. Alison did our photographs and they told the story of the whole day I was in tears when I saw how she had captured our day. The gwenfrewi project will always be a special place to us and we feel we have found a lovely friend in Alison who we will keep in touch with for years to come".

From the New Mr and Mrs Allen xxx

"We found the project on the registrar list & met with Alison to see if it could be the venue for our wedding. We fell in love with the place in an instant, truly beautiful & perfect for our candlelit evening wedding. Alison was so accommodating & really went the extra mile to make it special for us. We couldn't be happier with our choice & would highly recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere full of natural beauty, history & atmosphere.

All the best"
Lorraine xx

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